Tips For Hair Care in Winter

We all know that cold weather, wind and snow can irritate the skin, but few people know that the hair can be just like the skin may be damaged by cold and rain in winter. Here are some tips on how to keep your hair healthy during the winter.
Do not go outside with wet hair.
We should not to go outside with wet hairin the winter months. Well, medical science has divided this old wives’ tale, but if you go on-freezing cold weather with wet hair outside, the probability is very high that your hair will freeze. Freezing water expands the hair out, and if hair has absorbed moisture and this moisture freezes well, expanding the hair and leads to hair damage.
To protect your hair in the winter, make sure that your hair is dry before going outside. Use a protein-rich, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and massage it a little further leave-in conditioner (a flush, the soft is not rinsed) into the hair and dry it completely.
Choose a hairstyle that is compatible with the weather.
During the winter months, choose a hairstyle that can keep you warm. A full volume, curly hair may not be the best choice if you live in an area where you need a hat to stay warm outside. Winter may not be the best season for a super short cut.
Scarves are your friends.
One of the most difficult aspects of the winter as far as the hair, the clothes. Hooded jackets, woolen caps and ear flaps make the styling  not easy. In some cases this can even lead to hair damage, or static-charged hair flies about that. Solve this problem by using a silk or satin scarf that you  can wear as a barrier between your hair and the hat, hood or earflaps. Wrap your hair in just the scarf before putting on the headgear. The fibers of the scarf to protect your hair before reducing the roughness of winter wool and the static charge that is normally produced in the winter.
Moisture, humidity, moisture
Most people think that summer is the time of the year, which leads to most of the symptoms of dry hair. You are wrong. While you expose your hair in the summer months the heat and sun, sweat, your body and your sebaceous glands have to work overtime to lubricate the hair and keep it moist. In winter, you constantly go from a cold, damp outside world in heated places.
Static Control
In addition to the woolen goods for winter hair can build up in the winter months, a static charge when you walk in just over a carpeted floor. Do a small bottle of hair spray and spray the hair lightly, if you feel the static. Hair spray reduces static electricity and helps your hair soft and tamed to keep in the coldest winter weather.
The sweaters and clothes with natural fibers which are often worse in winter carries the static problem.
These are simple tips to make a big difference for your hair can make in the winter. Let the cold will not spoil your mood. With a little planning and preparation, you can be sure that your hair looks great, whether it’s 30 degree heat outside or 8 below zero.


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