Tips For Styling Curly Hair

Tips For Styling Curly Hair

Styling curly hair can be quite a challenge as humidity, frizz, and dryness present obstacles for even the most experienced of curlies. Curly hair has such personality that it’s often difficult to perfect a hairstyling technique when the behavior of curls can vary from day to day. Whether you’re new to the curly scene, or just in need of some advice, check out these ten tips that can make styling curly hair easier.

1. Start Fresh
Before styling your hair, it is important to wash out all the leftover product, spray or serum that might be in your hair. Starting with a clean, fresh head of hair will ensure that you don’t have any product left in your hair to conflict with your next styling. Use a proper cleanser, preferably a sulfate-free cleanser, to wash out all the excess. Curious about the shampoo free routine? Find out if the shampoo free method is right for you!

2. Grab that Leave-In Conditioner
The key to a frizz free style is moisture. Moisturizing the hair will not only help its overall health, but it will keep your frizz at bay. Before styling your hair, be sure to spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner. It acts as a prep for your hair style, and gives your hair that extra moisture that it craves.

3. Stick to Natural Hair Products
Curlies who are faithful to natural hair products will testify to this; hair products made from natural ingredients are significantly better for curly hair. They are healthier and will in turn leave your hair looking fabulous. Most hair products that use synthetic ingredients dry the hair and leave it brittle. But natural hair products crafted with ingredients such as jojoba, aloe, flax seed, agave or even honey do well to moisturize your hair—not to mention they smell awesome!
Top Ten Natural Ingredients for Your Hair
Commonly Used Ingredients in Hair Care Products

4. Use the Same Brand
If there’s a product that works for you, invest in their shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, serum—everything! Hair reacts positively when you use a collection of products from the same brand. It may sound like a marketing gimmick, since most product labels advise using all their products in order to enhance results. Sure, sure, you just want me to buy all your products, right? However, in most cases, the product is specially formulated to work with the others, and will produce optimal results when used together.

5. Section Off Your Hair
Several curlies complain that their hair turns out differently in different areas of the hair. Is it curlier in certain sections more than others? The problem lies in product application. If your hair is not styling correctly in all areas, it is probably because you’re not applying product evenly throughout. To correct this, try sectioning your hair with clips. The smaller the sections, the better. This way you can give each section of your hair the proper attention it needs, and ensure that each section gets an even amount of product.

6. Don’t Apply Too Much Product
Is your hair crunchy after styling? This could be the result of too much product in your hair, or perhaps the product you are using is too strong for your hair. If you think the product might be too strong, add a little bit of water to the product to dilute it. However, most of the time, crunch is the result of too much product. Depending on your hair’s thickness, the amount directed on the bottle is usually very accurate.

7.  Wetter Hair is Better
Many stylists recommend applying hair product when the hair is very wet. Hair product usually reacts better to wet hair because the hair soaks up the product. The actual process of drying is vital to hairstyling as well. If you apply product to very wet hair, with the aid of the product, your hair will dry as desired.

8.  Air Dry the Hair
With especially humid days, adding heat to your regimen can trigger frizz. Try air drying your hair more often than blasting it with a hair dryer. Your hair will thank you, and you will notice a difference over time in the way your hair dries. Natural air drying is usually the better way to go*.

*Tip: Contrary to the above message, heat is a healthy addition to your deep conditioning routine. Some curlies give their hair a blast of heat while deep conditioning so that the hair follicles open up and soak in all the moisture.

9. Have a Light Cocktail
No, alcohol is not good for the hair. However, a curly cocktail is sometimes the best way to achieve the texture you are looking for. If a styling agent doesn’t hold your hair to your wishes, try stirring in a small amount of hairspray. Or perhaps if the same styling agent isn’t thick enough, you can experiment with it by adding pomade or a cream. Cocktails are a fun way to get the perfect hairstyle, and experienced curlies know that sometimes it takes more than one product to get the get perfect curls. If you don’t want to try to figure out your own cocktail, check out our Curly Cocktails, where we’ve done the work for you!

10. Revive Your Curls
To keep your curls bouncy and fresh, spray them with a leave-in conditioner or with water. Curls can sometimes experience a loss of life and bounce on the second or third day. Keep rocking your style by misting them back into life! A quick spray of leave-in conditioner or water will reactivate the product in your hair, reviving your curls in a matter of minutes.


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