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Bus Journey With My Wife

Bus Journey With My Wife

My wife Amna and myself, are a married couple, living in Karachi, with our three small children. We are in our early thirties. Amna is a very pretty woman, though quite short ( she is only 5”00) But she has beautiful facial features, lovelybreasts and amazingly shapely buttocks. In-fact, very few people can make out, that she is the mother of three children. My wife is an introvert by nature - very shy and bashful. My wife loves me a lot. We have a good married life and she is very exciting and satisfying on the bed. As we have three children, both of us have to work. This is an episode that changed both of our out-look in life .......

It had never rained like this before in Karachi. All transportation had come to a halt. The city was reeling under the worst rains in its history. Amna and I worked in different offices in South Karachi and since there were no transport, both of us had to stay back in our respective offices that night. Since my mother-in-law was staying with us, thankfully, we did not have to worry about our children. The next day wasn't any better. But, I heard a few buses were plying though. I called my wife and asked her to walk up to the bus-depot and meet me there. But at the bus depot, it was chaos. It seemed almost everyone in the city was taking buses.

Amna, was very worried. She said, " Salman, how can we travel like this ? "

I replied, " Amna, we have to. We have no choice "

Amna looked tired. Her saree was crumpled. Her hair looked disheveled, after an overnight stay in her office. After a long wait, our bus arrived. But, even before it could stop, scores of people started rushing inside. We had to run along too. I kept my wife in front of me and pushed her inside the door, along with other people. A wave of people pushed us inside, anyway. In this push and pull melee, my wife and I got separated. My main worry was my wife, Amna more than my own well-being. In a few seconds, the bus was full. I looked around for Amna, to find her well inside the bus. I heaved a sigh of relief. She was holding onto the handle above, with one hand and the seat handle next to her, with her other hand.

As the bus made its way through the pot-holed roads, I looked around me. Almost everyone looked tired and sleepy. Then I looked at my wife, Amna. She too looked sleepy and her eyes seemed to be closing now and then. Despite her tired and ruffled state, she still looked very pretty. As I was lost in my thoughts, my eyes fell on the people behind her. I realized there were no women where she was standing. She was surrounded by hefty men ! As Amna is quite short, the men towered over her. I felt protective and tried moving towards her, but I was very far away from her in the bus and it was jam packed, giving me no space at all to even move forward an inch !

I noticed a very tall and huge guy standing right behind her. He looked crude and ugly. I suppose he was some slum-dweller, as he was dressed in a kurta and pajama. As he was tall and my Amna is very short, the ugly man inched closer behind my wife and was trying to look down, over her shoulder. My wife's eyes were closed and she didn't realize that her pallu had fallen over, exposing her firm and exciting breasts, enclosed in her bra, within her blouse. I knew what this guy was up to and what he was trying to see. I was angry. My lovely wife's gorgeous breasts, were my personal treasure. They were only for my pleasure. I tried to make my way towards my wife, but simply could not. People were getting angry with me. Obviously, I couldn't possibly shout out to my wife, to tell her to pull up her pallu ! It would be very embarrassing. So I helplessly looked at the man trying to peep into my wife's blouse. After a struggle with other passengers, I managed move a couple of inches forward, to get into a position where I had a clearer view. And for the first time, I noticed more ! This guy was pretending to move with every movement of the bus and whenever the bus would go over a bump or a ditch, he would take the opportunity to press himself, onto my wife ! In the process, he would purposely, but discretely thrust his crotch, into my wife Amna's lovely protruding buttocks. Being tired, she probably didn't realize what was happening.

I was raging with anger. I wanted to push aside all the other passengers and go up to this guy and punch him. I would have actually implemented my thoughts, but something inside me, made me stop. I didn't know what it was ! Maybe my curiosity to see my little wife being touched by an ugly huge man ! My wife's pallu had dropped from her shoulder and was resting on her arms, exposing substantial portions of her blouse. Her excitingly ample breasts tightly filled her blouse and the man seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing. Slowly, the man seemed to get bolder. In the beginning, he would press himself into her, only during a bump or a jerk of the bus. But now he kept pressing against her, even when the bus was on smoother roads. I could see his groin was pressing quite deeply against my wife's lovely buttocks. No one else could notice it in the crowded bus, unless one specifically wanted to, like me.

I realized the ugly man had slowly began to move his groin up and down against my wife's buttocks, very gently, as not to be noticed. He suddenly looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and I swung my head away in time. After a few seconds, I turned my head back to see him continue do, what he was doing. He must have thought she was traveling alone. All of a sudden, the bus came to a halt. It was the sakinaka' bus stop. Hardly anyone got down, but more people got in and it became more chaotic inside. In the melee I could see another well-built guy, standing next to this ugly chap, move quickly in front of my wife. And then this new guy, pretended as if there was a push from the crowd from the other end and he too pressed himself into my wife, from the front. My wife looked at fearfully him, startled. But being a very shy and timid woman, did not object. She noticed that her pallu had slid away.

My wife quickly pulled up her pallu, and held the handle above with both her hands, as the seat handle was out of reach now. She was now tightly sandwiched, right in between the two of them. The man behind her, was soon up to his tricks. His gyrations began. The back of Amna's blouse was a very low U shaped cut, exposing a lot of her smooth white skin. And as both her hands were holding the handle above, it exposed her armpits, through her sleeveless blouse. This must have been having an arousing effect on the man, as he increased the speed of his gyrations. The man shifted his head to the other side of my wife's arms, and now he was sniffing at my wife's armpits !
The man behind must have got terribly aroused, as he suddenly put both his hands on my wife, Amna's large buttocks and pretended to balance himself. Amna was shocked, but again being a very meek and timid lady, did not object. The ugly man kept his hands on her buttocks, still, for a moment, and then pushed his hands further to the front of Amna. Finally his hands were on her blouse. He cupped my Amna's breasts and began relishing their lovely softness. My shy wife was helpless, as he himself pretended, as if he was being crushed in the crowd. As she was sandwiched between the two huge guys, no one was able to see, what the ugly man was foing to my wife - except the huge man in front of her. Then he very gently rubbed her nipples over her blouse with one finger. Amna tried to get away from him, but could not, as she was tightly sandwiched. After almost five minutes of doing that, he moved his hand over the exposed area of her waist. After keeping his hands still for sometime on her waist, he moved them further down, till it was on the folds of her saree. Amna looked very frightened. She obviously did not wish to make a scene, hence was silently struggling to try and get away from this beast, a bit. But she still could not even move an inch. Suddenly, when the bus jumped on a pot-hole, the man took advantage and pushed one of his hands, deep into the space between her saree and her belly ! My wife, Amna was shocked and speechless. She probably did not even have enough time to realize what was happening, as this man quickly pushed his hand deep down into her saree, almost up to her crotch, with one forceful push.

My wife, Amna mumbled. Being a bashful woman, she must have realized, that she couldn't shout and attract attention, with this man's hand deep into her body, under her saree. It would be too embarrassing in public. She tried to wriggle out, but the man just kept his hand inside. My wife, Amna's face was distorted due to the effort she was putting, in trying to free herself and also due to her fear, that people may see the man's hand over her crotch, under her saree. She probably wished to be careful not to draw other people's attention to what was happening. My wife brought one of her hands down and tried to pull out this man's hand from her saree. She kept wriggling. The ugly man bent down and whispered something in her ears. Probably he must have threatened her, or asked her to stop struggling ! Again the man gave one hard push downwards, and she stopped still for a moment. Amna's eyes closed tight as if in pain and her hands tightly gripped this man's hands. Though my wife couldn't see the ugly man's face, he could see my wife's face. Seeing Amna's reaction, I could see he had begun to move his hands under her saree. I watched as the portion of her saree between her legs was sometimes moving up and down and sometimes in and out ! I was now sure that the ugly man was stroking his fingers, in and out of my lovely wife's very hairy vagina !

Surprisingly watching this scene un-fold, I could feel my cock stir. I was feeling guilty at being aroused on seeing my wife being molested in the bus, but I couldn't help my reactions. For a few seconds my wife's eyes remained closed and her teeth were clenched tight. Suddenly she opened her eyes, as if she realized something. She looked around. Perhaps searching for me. Her eyes locked into mine ....... pleadingly, as if asking me to help her. I pretended that I did not know what was happening to her ! She tried again, to gesture with her eyes, trying to draw my attention to the man's hands thrusting and manipulating her vagina, under her saree. But, I still pretended and gestured back, as if telling herself to balance properly, so as not to fall down on the bumpy ride ! Now she was in a predicament. Her only source of help, was not understanding her situation. She got very tensed and worried.

If I was not so turned on, I would have whacked the daylights out of this man. I was feeling sorry for my wife, but also aroused at the same time. My arousal won over my guilt and shame. I kept watching. The ugly man bent down over my petit wife's shoulders, as if to reach further below with his hands. His hands definitely had an in and out movement inside her saree, as my wife struggled helplessly to free herself. He probably understood that my Amna was not going to create a scene and draw attention. He grew bolder and placed his other hand on my wife's breast. I was certain his fingers were certainly inside my wife's vagina. Whenever my wife would use all her force to pull out his hand, he would push it harder in, freezing my wife, most likely in pain, or the shock. My cock was becoming painfully erect.

Slowly, he increased the pace of the movement of his hand and my wife was unable to struggle. With the other hand, the man started to squeeze my wife's breasts too, which made my Amna go weak. Amna began squirming. She let loose her grip on his hands, as she was unable to even stand properly. The man was now moving his groin against Amna's soft buttocks, as if he were fucking her from behind. She was too weak to struggle. She just stood motionless. In-fact her body was falling backward on the man, for support. The man looked around again to see if anyone was watching, apart from the guy in-front of him. His head was still, but his hands in my wife's vagina, were moving fast. No one could make that out, because of the bumpy bus ride and almost all other passengers were sleeping too.

As the ugly man kept moving his fingers in and out of my wife's vagina, my wife was probably getting aroused too ! She accepted the fact, that she had to allow the ugly man to do whatever he was doing to her. So, she simply reclined her head on his chest. The man was now very emboldened, certain that she wont scream or shout. He withdrew his other hand from her blouse and reached for her saree. He again whispered something in her ears. He bent a bit and held the bottom part of her saree and slowly began to pull it up, exposing my wife's legs. She was alarmed and started silently struggling. But, he pulled it up further, exposing her thighs now. Realizing what was happening, my wife looked frightened. But the man held the saree in between her buttocks and his own crotch. The man in front of her could clearly see, what the ugly man was doing to my wife. My shy wife also understood that the man in front of her knew what was happening between her and the ugly man. She cast her eyes down. The huge man in front, now extended his free hand and cupped my wife's breasts. He fondled and squeezed her breasts, hard. It was enough to freeze her. My wife was simply too nervous and tense, to say or do anything. From above, her saree looked normal. But if one looked further below, one could see her saree had been pulled up to her buttocks, exposing her thighs and even a bit of her buttocks. I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams, my wife semi-naked like this, in a bus and being fingered by a stranger, an ugly mean looking stranger and also having her breasts squeezed by a second man. I had a raging hard on.

The ugly man then deftly un-buttoned his pajama and brought out his cock ! My eyes popped out. His cock was massive. It looked like a wild animal ! He pointed it towards my wife Amna's buttocks. No ! I couldn't believe it. My beautiful wife's fleshy and very hairy cunt, was for my personal pleasure. How could he do this ? Was he really going to penetrate my wife's hairy and beautiful cunt, right in middle of the bus ? My wife had no idea what to expect, as she was facing away from him. Not wanting to take any risk regarding my wife's reaction, he waited for the bus to go over a big bump, before he did anything more. He didn't have to wait for long. As the bus rocked from side to side, while going over a rough patch on the road, he took advantage of the situation and pretended to fall over her and in the process pushed his cock into my wife's vagina. It didn't go in, during the first attempt, but it made my wife panic. Her eyes opened wide. She was frantic. She pleadingly whispered something back to him. I think she may have told him that she was a housewife and may have asked him not to push his cock into her cunt ! She probably did not mind being fondled, but now she understood that the man behind her was going to fuck her vagina. She started struggling again and urgently gestured to me with her eyes. Again I pretended to not understand and gestured back for her to stand-still. Before she could protest verbally, the bus went over another bump. The ugly man pretended to fall on her again and this time, with one forceful thrust, he managed to push all of his huge and thick cock, deep into her tight and hairy cunt. My wife Amna's eyes opened very wide with shock and fear, when she felt his mammoth cock forcing its way through her tight little cunt. Oh what a sight ! My wife being fucked right in the middle of a packed bus !
My wife Amna, was in a state of shock. She kept looking at me helplessly. Her eyes, met mine with tears. But the man had no time for that, as he pushed harder to penetrate my wife's hairy cunt, even deeper. Satisfied, his cock was fully inside her vagina, he stood still, as if to gauge her reaction. She was motionless too, just tears in her eyes. The man in front of her knew that the man behind Amna, had penetrated her cunt, with his cock. So, he too was intently watching her facial reactions, when that man was thrusting into her. My wife too understood that the man in front of her, knew that she was being fucked. So, definitely she couldn't attract any more attention now from other fellow passengers. She was in a very vulnerable and helpless state. The ugly man behind, seemed to be in no hurry, knowing well, that she was under his complete control. He now caught her hips with both his hands, bent her a bit towards the man in front and began to plunge his mammoth and heavy cock, in and out of my wife Amna's tight cunt. My wife kept looking at me, as she was being roughly fucked, by the ugly monster ! He was shoving his dick deep in and out, but in a restrained way with minimal movement, as not to attract attention. After a minute or two, of continuous fucking, my Amna's lips parted. I could see even her body had begun to move. Moving to the the rhythm of the man's body ! I couldnt believe it. Was my shy and conservative wife, beginning to enjoy her fucking ? Or maybe she wanted him to finish fast ?

The very thought brought out pre-cum from my cock. I watched the ugly man fucking my wife right in middle of the bus. He was trying to keep a straight face, so that if others see him, they shouldn't be able to make out what was going on. But my lovely wife was having a difficult time trying to keep a straight face. She kept looking at me, when she was being fucked. She was sweating now, maybe because the ugly man's colossally large cock was too large for her small cunt ! But then, I observed that with every stroke from the man's huge cock, her lips would part. No. It was not pain. She was definitely enjoying her fuck ! The ugly man soon, started thrusting into her frantically. I understood that he was close to cumming. He now almost did not care if others saw. He now went on thrusting his gigantic cock, into my wife's cunt forcefully. Suddenly his body stiffened and began jerking. He started ejaculating his hot semen deep into my wife's cunt ! My lovely wife Amna, kept looking at me, vulnerably and sorrowfully, straight into my eyes, as the ugly man's gigantic cock was energetically shooting his semen deep into her now stretched-out cunt ! He kept pumping his seed into my wife's vagina, for almost a minute. Though my lovely wife, had probably not had an orgasm on his cock, she had slightly spread her legs to receive all of his vile seed into her cunt ! His semen in her cunt, made my Amna, squirm even more out of pleasure. Finally, the ugly man's limp cock flopped out from my wife's cunt. I could see his semen was trickling out of my wife's cunt onto her thighs. Satisfied, he looked at the guy in front, who was watching him and winked.

The guys had a smile on their face. Now both of them, covered her and turned my Amna, like a doll to show her buttocks to the huge guy, who had earlier stood in front. They made her bend forward towards the ugly guy, who had just ejaculated into her, so that her buttocks gave more access to the huge guy. Now he unzipped his trouser. He too had a massive cock. He propelled his cock into my wife's semen filled cunt. My wife's eyes again froze on me, when the second guy's cock penetrated her cunt. He too started fucking her and within a few moments, ejaculated his semen into her cunt. Again my lovely Amna, kept looking at me, while the second man was pumping his own semen into her already semen filled cunt ! What a sight it was ! It was unbelievable. As this man pulled up his zip and the ugly man buttoned up his pajama, I could see my wife was still squirming. I wondered why. But soon I could see that the ugly man, was fingering her cunt, though he was behind her. He kept fingering her for a while, as her squirms got a bit stronger. This obscene show of my wife being fingered went on for around 10 minutes. Her body was almost dancing on the fingers of the man fingering her cunt. Amna became un-balanced. The man in front of her quickly caught her arms and supported her, while the other man continued fingering her. My wife held on to the man in front, for support while enjoying her finger-fuck from the man behind her. It appeared that both men wanted my wife to have her orgasm, as she had pleasured both of them.

After a while, she suddenly broke out into spasms. My wife Amna, was having an orgasm ! Her orgasm hit her hard. While trying not to let out her loud moan, she snuggled her face onto the shoulders of the man in front of her. He caught and hugged her, while she jerked violently with her orgasm. Her whole body seemed to be resting on the man masturbating her. She violently began to rub her crotch against his fingers and also against his body. She was oblivious to everyone, until her orgasm subsided. And when it did subside, she came crashing back to reality. I could see she was feeling very ashamed. She was even too shy to look at the two men. She couldn't raise her head or look at anyone. Luckily she didn't have to bear the discomfort for long. Our bus stop arrived within 5 minutes. A few people got down there. She looked for me as she got down. I went up to her as the bus left.

I said, as if I didn't know what happened, " Amna Darling, I was on the other side of the bus. Hope you were fine ? "

She replied weakly, " Yes Salman, I am OK "

I purposely said, " But you look so weak ? "

She replied, " Oh nothing. Just exhaustion, lets go home "

She didn't realise that the back and front of her saree was covered with huge globs of semen, as we walked home. She didn't talk all through the way, but the moment we entered our house, I dragged her to our bed-room. She was surprised.

I said, " Amna Darling, I missed you last night and my cock is aching. I need you now "

So saying, I pulled off her saree and laid her down on our bed. My wife was nervous, as she knew that the men's semen was in her cunt and I could maybe know, she was fucked. But I had decided to pretend ignorance. I pulled up her petticoat. The two brutes had obviouslytaken her panty away. I could see her cunt. Just to put her at ease, Iembraced and kissed her, to make her believe that even after seeing her semen filled cunt, I could not recognise that she had been fucked by some other men. I again turned my attention to her cunt. Her hairy cunt was thoroughly soaking wet. It was completely messy and sloshy with the semen of her two lovers. Her thick pubic hair was matted with semen. Even her buttocks had wet patches. I touched her cunt with my fingers. I could feel the semen of both the men mixed-up deep into her cunt. Without further waiting, I simply thrust my hard cock into her messy cunt. My cock had an amazing feeling. For the first time in my married life, I could feel my cock slide into a pool of semen. Other men's semen filled fully into my Amna's cunt ! There was so much of it. I suddenly remembered that my Amna was in her fertile period. I wondered if one of them had even made my lovely wife pregnant with her fourth baby, in the bus ! It was highly possible, as both of them seemed to have pumped an enormous quantity of their seed into her. Was my wife going to get pregnant again with a total stranger's baby ? That thought excited me all the more. I ejaculated my own semen into the semen of both the men, that had been pumped into her cunt ............
Fun always be fun if take it as fun


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