I am a big fan of desi and reading erotic stories I love it! After looking at all the stories people have posted I decided to put mine in as well! This story is about my aunty her name was sujatha (name changed), let me describe to you how she looked, she was about 5'9 in height, aged between 35- 40! she had very big breasts & her structure always made me horny. First I saw her in marriage function of my cousin with her from the first day she came. I am from chennai , this incident happened few months back and this was my first sex experience in my life.

I always use to stare at her big breasts and a very cute ass which looked even cuter when she use to wear saree. I use to accidentally bump into her from behind and always grabbed her ass, it felt so good, she always thought it was an accident. One day a week before my cousin marriage , we all were at my relative brothers marriage, She of course was sitting in the girls room since it was the night, she made me so horny that day i would have done anything to fuck her! I went over to the girls room to see whats going on, I pretending I was looking for my mom for the some reason....i stood right next to her as she was sitting in the front row suddenly the best thing of my life happened, the lights went off. I heard kids crying and one bumped into me, I almost fell on the side but i thought i should l take advantage of the situation and I fell on top of her grabbing both her breasts stuck my tongue out and it touched her on her neck i quickly licked it once and then I got up quickly fearing that she might scream and will get me caught. But nothing of that sort happened and I had the hardest erection of my life. My heart beats were still too loud for me but somehow I didn’t wanted to leave the room.

Even in darkness she could easily be identified among other woman and girls as she was the tallest woman with widest ass. As there were other boys in the room too so I wanted to try my luck again. I swiftly move behind her. Without wasting anytime, I grabbed her ass without making any noise.  Oh my god, I can’t even express my excitement and seduction level…her ass was not only big round beautiful shape but was very soft and smooth. It almost started shaking with my touch. I had grabbed her right buttock and pressed it twice when she suddenly put her hand behind and without saying anything remove my hand from her ass and moved ahead. I stayed there nervously for sometime like a statue. My heart beat was making even louder noise. But had she screamed or made any noise, I would have to leave my family and leave in solitude for the rest of my life, but she didn’t say anything. I reasoned it to her shy nature. Many women don’t oppose to ass grab in crowded buses because of fear of embarrassment.

Suddenly, one of the 5 kids in the room started crying because he had lost his toy somewhere. Sujatha aunty said that she will look under the bed and told the kid not to cry. I was standing beside the bed. My heart again started pounding heavily. As everyone present in the room were busy talking about some topic or the other, Sujhata aunty can near my feet and kneel down in doggy position and started searching for the lost toy with her hands. Her half body was almost inside the bed and two little ones stood behind her near her huge arousing round ass.  I could not stop myself and I sat near her on the floor. There was a big risk that anytime electricity may come back but at that mood can you expect me of worrying about the electricity when my greatest fantasy aunty, whom I always dreamed of fucking hard from behind in doggy position, was in a doggy position in front of me.  I knew that because of embarrassment she won’t say anything and now she was not in a position to retreat also. I slowly put my left hand inside the bed and grabbed her 40 size boob. She stopped still for sometime and me too. But what a great feeling that was, I could easily feel that Sujatha aunty was without any bra inside her blouse and her soft huge hanging boobs made me completely mad. Without worrying about anything, I started squeezing her boob.  She hold my hand and tried to remove it, I jerked her hand off and kept on squeezing her boobs as if I was squeezing mango to bring out its juicy. She was very quite, she tried to come out of the bed quietly, but I had already gone crazy by now, I put my other hand on her loose sexy ass and stopped her from coming out by forcing her with my strong hand from behind. Two kids where there in front of her ass so there was no risk of anyone seeing the shadow of my hand on her ass.  With one hand I kept on squeezing her boobs and with the other I started squeezing her soft and sexy ass. It was dream coming true, what an excitement. Sujatha aunty remained their quite, I knew she can’t identify me and I was sure that to save herself from embarrasement she is not going to say anything. While I was moving my hands over her huge soft ass, I could make out that she was not even wearing a panty. It was very difficult for me to control and I even moved my fingers in her deep ass crack. I felt her ass crack which was a bit big and I could easily make out that her ass was used regularly, I moved my fingers little down and touch her pussy. I started feeling her pussy very freely when she suddenly said-“the toy is not here, I m coming out, kids get out of the way.” I quickly leave her and stood there quite and still.

After sometime, the area electricity came but not in our house, some short-circuit occurred in our house and therefore someone went to call an electrician. My heart was still beater faster and I wanted to try my luck once more. I was standing near the bed just behind Sujatha aunty, all women and man present in the room were talking to each other in the matters of marriage. I swiftly moved my hand and grabbed Sujatha aunty’s ass. She quickly without saying anything brought her one hand back and tried to remove my hand from her ass. I can’t tell you whats the experience one gets on grabbing Sujatha aunty’s soft huge ass, her shaking soft ass, deep ass crack and extremely sexy shape of the big  lady’s ass was enough to make even a saint crazy for her. I removed her hand which made her bangles make sound.  With the sound of the bangles she got more conscious and stopped protesting. By now I could understand that she was too shy to be caught like this and was very much afraid of embarrassment. I made full use of that. I made full use of this by grabbing, massaging, squeezing, and also soundlessly petting her ass to make it shake. It was best day of my life, I moved my fingers inside the deep ass crack and moved it up and down till I reached her ass hole. The moment I felt her round used ass hole, I poked one finger along with her saree inside it. She tried to move forward but I hold her waist with the other hand and prevented her from moving. As the electrician had not yet arrived, I hold her waist tightly with both my hands and slowly pulled her few steps backwards until my back touched the corner wall of the room. It was the darkest night of the month and the luckiest day of my life. Still standing behind her, I entrusted both my hands underneath her both arms and grabbed her both big creamy huge melons. I could feel her nervousness, I started squeezing her boobs slowly and softly while touching her neck with my lips and her ass with my hard rod. She was completely under my grip unable to protest, say or move for fear of embarrassment.  Things were fast going beyond my control and the god of sex had already took me in his grip. I took one hand down and unzipped my pant and took out my cock which was fairly big and a very heavy and fatty one. With my erect hard cock, I started poking her soft ass very slowly while my both hands were busy exploring her huge melons. It was as if I was I was fucking the big lady from behind in standing position, experience was better than real, I guess. I could feel her nervousness and fear but paid no attention to that, I dropped one hand down and started lifting Sujatha aunty’s saree from behind. She got horrified and started trying to get free from me but in vein. I had hold her very tightly with my left hand around her waist. By the time she could think of some plans to get out of me, I had made her ass naked and was touching and moving my fingers inbetween her deep ass crack, slightly poking finger into her round ass hole. Under any normal circumstances I could never even dream of making Sujatha aunty’s beautiful ass naked. I adjusted my cock and made it fit in her ass crack in vertical position and started moving my cock inbetween her huge buttocks. The feeling of naked cock moving and touching Sujatha aunty’s naked ass was tremendous and I cannot forget that for my life. For about 2 minutes my cock kept moving upwards and downwards between her deep ass, experience both fatty sides of her buttock in the crack. Very soon, I wanted more. With my one leg, I made Sujatha aunty spread her legs. Sujatha aunty understood what I was upto, the violently tried to make herself free, but I was holding her with my full might and I just hold her bangles and made them make sound. She got conscious again and she stopped protesting. With one hand around her waist, I hold my cock with the other hand and started adjusting it in sujatha aunty’s hairy pussy lips.

Suddenly, someone from outside shouted, “the electrician has come” I very quickly let her loose and put my cock inside my pant and disappeared from the room. 



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