How to open youtube in pakistan

How to open youtube in pakistan

There are many business and ongoing project of people and companies depending on youtube but Govt of Pakistan doesn't cares much.
Well i have explored number of ways to open youtube as an anonymous user and as a user signing in their account.
I will be explaining the ways according to users skill level.

1. Beginners (proxy site)

There are many student at universities who are facing problems and restriction in watching youtube videos even if it is not banned in country.
For those, go to   This works in offices or at a place you are having an access through a proxy server.
Try to select 240p option as they have a flowplayer that play videos good in 240p view.

2. Intermediate-expert (proxy tool)

There are people who can do some extra work to get rid of the fatigue to open a proxy site each time. For this purpose, Download  
From this link, unzip/unrar the downloaded .rar file and here you go! No need to install anything. JUst double-click the .exe naming "U1204" each time and you will be browsing save and secure. Unseen from PTA or whatever shit.
On double-clicking, it will connect you to a server via port 9666 and an automatic Internet explorer new page will be opened. By default, you will only be surf through this proxy-tool via Internet Explorer.
If you want to add this as an "ADD-ON" in mozilla firefox, you will be required to drag and drop wj-button file to firefox toolbar.


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