When Will PTA open Youtube in Pakistan?

When Will PTA open Youtube in Pakistan?

All the uploaders of YouTube videos makes money from their YouTube videos if he/she does not belong to Pakistan, here in Pakistan most of the people are adding some good content like dramas and talk shows etc, which reduces the traffic to the TV Channels, therefore they made the PTA compelled and started adding videos on their own channels so that they could attract the whole traffic to their own channels and make as much money as they can.
In my opinion YouTube will never remove those videos and people stopped protesting against those videos. As I have already said that blocking a website is not the way to protest because thousands of ways are there to open any blocked website. I further will add that those people have no any religion and they cannot be stopped from their childish activities. Still there are thousands of people who are making insults of our religion on facebook and many other social media websites but PTA is not taking any action against those sites, because i have personally exercised this. I dont know why people are not protesting against those social media websites? Is this because they need them? Why they are not protesting against those products, just because they need it?
If we need YouTube why dont we have the right to share the ways to open it? If someone does not like YouTube they should not open it.

In my opinion the simplest way to protest was to add as much Islamic Data as we could to those social media. We should have to clear all those misunderstanding which they have about our religion but it will be only possible if these sites are kept opened.


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