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Bra Se Behan Tek

Hello this is Nirmal 35 I live with my wife Priya in Delhi I work in a call centre Hence I am on rotation job.On night while i was on job my sisters daughter arrived in my house. I was unaware of the fact but when in the morning I arrived and Had a cup of tea and relaxed My wife who works with a sports company had to rush to Meerut for some deal. She forgot to tell me about the Rishma(iHAPPY BIRTHDAY RISHMA)and gave me a lisst of some works to be done in her absence. Primew was washing the clothes.I thought to finish the job and then I should sleep.

I the meantime I saw a beauty coming out of my bedroom…….i strssed my mind to know about the beauty i heard the voice 

Good morning Mama.

Good morning Rishma

How r u mama 

I am fine and wat about you and when did you arrived

Oh mama I arrived yesterday night mami didnot told you

No Rishma welcome to my house.

Thanks mama.

I was stunned to see the beauty in my house, A charmful lady with big boobs like oranges from nagpur, rose petal colored skin and cheeks and strawberry colored red rosy lips. The beauty was in sleeping dress and her boobs were uncovered by any bra I was thinking this is the same Rishmi whom I saw a few years ago slim and trim flat girl without any charam on face. Today she is looking like an beauty unmatched and unparallel. her reddish body and nice shaped navel was brightest spot of her body.

What u r looking mama

nothing my child, give me your clothes if any you have to wash and have a cup of tea prepared by yourself.

Oh no mama I dont require anything I have to rush to friends house for an hour saying this she rushed to bathroom and got herself washed.She came out as fresh flower and now dressed up like a noble lady , giving me some washable clothes she rushed to her friends house.

I put the clothes one by one but my hand stopped when i saw her bra and panty some fresh smell was coming out of bra and some cum smell from panty. I got deep into thinking remembering my wife and my fucking with her and odour and smell coming out of her bra panty. Thinking this i went further and had my hand on my dick and started rubbing it and finally cumming . In order to clkean up I took a clothe from beneath and cum inside that cloth which was her bra cleaned my dick and felt solace.

The power went out and I was helpless my job was half done. I took refusae of my bedroom and rested there. I heard a knock on my door and as I opened the door I saw beauty before me. 

With her coming the light came and I restarted the job, she too came to me and started helping me. But when she took her bra she felt some fresh odour coming out and some stickyness white paste on her Bra she guessed out and smiled.

Having great heart she enquired what is this mama

Oh my child leave it I will wash it out.

But let me know what is this 

Leave it Rishmi

But I am asking only one thing what is this 

Out come of my love for you

Oh you have spoiled my bra throw it away

no it will be alright after wash

No i will not wear it now 

Ok I will purchase a new one for you

How you will know the size 

The size is tagged on every bra

but if it is not tagged then 

then I will ask you

If i will not tell you then

Then I will measure myself saying this I hugged the Rishmi and kissed her badly as she too was wet hearing to me and seeing my cum on her bra she hugged me too. I was kissing her badly and I whispered in her ears let us go to bed. She nodded her head.

I took her to bed and where i opened her up and took off my clothes too. I lied on her and founding her opeing pushed by dick inside her and started making hard strokes. My first stroke broke her hymen as she cried biut then started making pleasant voices. I fucked her to her utmost satisfaction. 

We laid on each other as we knew that my wife will not make any entry before tomorrow.

This is not end of story but begining of new relations with my neice


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