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Ballgowns and Hallways

the feather bow in your hair and pearls, Almost 20's esq, escaping the music and the ball room floor, an open air event, the outside of the ballroom floor room had high columns with coal fires burning, resembling that of a Greek theatre.. Warm air of body heat and fire coals, was met with a cool breeze in the air.

Hand in hand, being led round the outside of the room where it was quiet. .. Your heels where clicking on the marble floor.

Slightly naughty giggle, excitement at the anticipation, of getting hot with each other.

We found an alcove,, L shaped, out of sight, but still, semi lit, almost in the shadows of the corner of the L, the reflection of the burning coal fires placed around the columns give just the right amount of light, ... your back to the wall, opening to the right, and walls to your left, on the right a marble pillar to the entrance of the hall, and no one around.

I pressed against you and began to kiss you, there was a small pedestal, must have been a cloak room at some point before the night, you put your foot up on it, exposing your leg out form the long black ball gown your wearing..

Arching your back slightly allowing me to bend down wrap my arm under your thing, and grab your behind. X

I was kissing and caressing you, making me hard for you. You would bend you neck and head back and I would slowly kiss and lick your neck, round to your ear lobe. And down the line of the pearls to your chest.

I started to pull down your knickers. And you groaned and took a deep breath. x the noise of the hall echoing around us.. The music was fitting to our clothes, I undone my tie and wrapped it around your thigh... like a garter... there are no pockets on my tuxedos... you undone my zip and slipped your hand into my trousers, feeling me... Rubbing me...

as your breath fell deep and your heart rate raced, the sound of clicking heels again!!!, I placed my hand over your mouth and you cheekily grinned , I felt the your face muscled move under my hand and you gently placed your teeth over my finger... , a couple walked past, a slight stager in the woman's step.. As she giggled..!!! Her man arm in arm with her. Holding a bottle of champagne took the brunt of her wait as she leant on him... They walk past and we remain unnoticed... i turn my attention to you... your hand began to stroke me again... the distant noises seem to die down and all we can feel is the hot breath from each other... My hand moved away from your mouth, to your check and cupped your face, pulling you towards me as I kiss you... my lips met yours, our lips part and your tongue firmly pressed against mine, the warm wetness of your mouth inteterrwing with mine, my other arm slowly round s the top of your thigh, to your knickers.. And my hand slips inside them. To feel your smooth vagina, the warmth of your lips on my fingers, now moist from you... you squeeze your thigh inwards to lock my hand inplace as the feeling sends a rush to your stomach and up the back of your spine,, feeling my fingers both behind your ear and rubbing your clit. And my lips all at the same time. An arpeggio of sexual waves flowing all through your body.. Heightened by the semi exposure of your thigh at my waist, and heel digging into the pedestal.. The feeling of the tie around your upper thigh and the cool breeze rushing over your warm leg... your desires to feel my cock are now taking control. You pull your hand out from my trousers and undo the belt and button...

Encouraging moans from me show you I want you, to feel you, embrace you wetness on me...

Your knickers, black, finely laced, now draped around your ankle, my trousers. Hanging of my hips, the bottom of my shirt parting at the base of my cock, you dress hitched up, you pull me into you, the tip f I pressed against the front out your vagina, softening, and wet now, another deep pressed kiss. Hands under your dress and pulling you on top of me. I enter you.. Slip right in... Deep with almost no resistance... Your eyes sharpen to pin holes as you feel my penis swell further to your warmth.

Wrapped around each other, , the cool breeze is a welcome refreshing tingle on the skin, the goose bumps sending shivers around your body, and the feeling of my cock, sliding in , back and forth.. feeling the tips of fingers dig in a take a firm hold of your bum, holding you steady as I push deep inside you, the walls of your vagina tightening with each thrust, your gaze across the court yard just out of vision, to the open air, absorbing the echoing music as you hear my moan filling your with feelings of euphoria, the senses keeping eye for anyone that may wander past, as you try to hold your moan in,.. That feeling of what if..... But knowing you're out of vision... and won't get caught. Allowing you to let yourself to cum... And know your hips rocking and grinding to my rhythm will force me to cum too!!

Your throw your arms around my neck, inching that bit closer, bearing your body weight down, a deep thrust, your feel my pelvic bone smash against your clit. Both hands now pulling and pushing and rocking your hips, you feel me jiggle as I try to contain my moan of ecstasy... you feel the first spurt. And instantly feel the warm jet of cum race into you form me, tightening grip on your ass and you feel yourself cum with a wave of hot flushes flow over your body... Your jaw tightens as you bite down on my shoulder, as your body succumbs to the rushing tingles hot and wet from your muscles tightening with each wave around my cock. Feeling every final thrust in and slowing each time... your breath becoming long and withdrawn. Your lungs gasping for air, knees starting to shake as your body fall from climax...

Learning Curve with Francesca

Being with Francesca is always like a tonic and I feel completely at ease with her idiosyncrasies

Like the way she adores opera and ballet but most important of all - with me being a red blooded guy and all that means; her deep rooted passion which really moves the earth and everything else for me.

When we first met and started learning about each other, our likes and dislikes and how we connected with those things; how we matched interests and how much we were compatible, we both shared a wonderful new and exciting learning curve.

At the age of thirty I discovered the true woman in my life, a woman who had everything, not particularly glamour but real down to earth and no beating around the bush honesty.

She was a northern girl and I soon matched her rich Lancashire accent, So much that she says I speak with a more rich dialect than does she, But you see, that is because of my absolute infatuation for her, which includes the way she speaks, I am completely besotted by her and since we have just passed the learning curve of getting to know each other more intimately, I begin to feel the natural urge to bed and be with her, hook, line and sinker as they say.

She is ten years older than I and laughingly refers to me as her toy boy, but she knows, and we have discussed this, that I am much more than just a play thing, even though she adores to play in the most mind bending way. I am her Adonis she says and she wants to do everything with me.

She teaches me of all the new tricks - and I thought I knew them all, but with Francesca it is like learning all over and I am never adverse to that.

I think she believes I am a little slow in coming forward when it comes to our lovemaking. She tells me the trouble with me is that I always want to play the gentleman, but sometimes girls like a bit of rough, as she puts it. It is just the way I was brought up in a strict religious family environment I guess -but Francesca lovingly tells me that I can still have religion if that's what I want and a lot of sex too. And properly administered they can both weave thrillingly together, because her type of loving means the whole package and all that means; a complete and utter mutual devotion. and when Francesca loves me I have discovered exactly what that means, and I am still discovering.

She is beautiful, she is divine and she is mine! It has come to the point that for her I would readily put my life on the line.

She loves for me to approve of what she wears, especially regarding what she calls her 'mood' attire. She has no hesitation about taking the very shy and bashful me into an Ann Summers store asking how I would like her in this or that and the kinkiest underwear on sale.

"And this, Peter darling, we spoke of this remember?" she was examining closely a rubber vibrating strap-on penis contraption in front of everybody.

She realised my embarrassment stating that most people were in the store looking for something to spice up their sex life but I asked her to whisper.

"You really are so old fashioned Peter, then I shall whisper alright!?"

I nodded but was absolutely thrilled with the delicate way she was handling the goods, folding her hand around the girth of the artificial erectile and squeezing it as she looked at me, focusing her eyes on mine in the most stimulation way. My mind flashing back to the very first time she did that real time, So warm and so softly she manipulated it in the most delightfully stimulating way. He eyes opened wide as she closely examined me like it was a precious work if art. But she insisted it was and delighted in enjoying me to the full, showing me just how good it was to be a guy in the company of a real woman, a woman who enjoyed life and enjoyed sex to the very limit. And that first time, she dressed in the most provocative pair of tight fitting velvet trousers, watching her feminine curvatures so delicious as she bent to give me that so wonderful first oral heaven.

"Peter, I am talking. Francesca to earth, are you receiving?"

"Sorry baby, I was in my own world."

Still handling the strap- on she smiled knowingly, glancing downward provocatively.

"Of course, Peter this could never match Freddy, but it will suit the purpose don't you think?"

That's what she called my manhood, my work of art - Freddy. Like I called her feminine delight, where all us guys came from and forever want to get back inside; 'Cherry.'

She loves to tease with phases like; "Cherry want for her Freddy to pay a visit, and soon" - and when we have so beautifully fucked she adds; "Cherry says goodnight to Freddy" and we slumber, having been thoroughly gratified and I feel soothed and at perfect peace with the world.

That is the effect she (and Cherry) has on me and I know in the morning she will want the same again - after coffee and cornflakes usually.

"I think it is perfect" I replied hoping she would hide it in her shopper basket.

"We shall try it later Peter, Huh?"

"Can't wait" I replied and with a knowing nod from the assistant, she placed ait into her basket.

My mind was wondering again; back tracking to that recent evening when we were speaking about anal sex.

"If that is what you would like I would love to do it with you" I said eagerly. She had a hind which indeed was very tempting and I had fantasized how it would be, fucking her there.

"I meant for me to do it to you" she chuckled. I was stuck for words because imagining a woman doing that to me boggled the mind, having usually associated that happening between two males. That is how naive I was but I never expected for one moment Francesca would want to do that with me so it came as a bit of a shock.

We talked about it. We always promised to be open with each other and discuss our innermost secret thoughts and fantasize, bearing in mind that we may now always like the same things.

"I love you Peter so of course I want to do everything with you. But if you don't like I will gladly understand."

She kissed me on the neck and slithered her right hand along the curve of my spine and instantly I felt the surge begin to develop as she finger-walked the very tips of her fingers down and down into the crevice of my hind.

Her other hand working me from the front like she had done often, enjoying me to the full as always, But now she was also touching me there, between - whispering I had the most gorgeous ass any woman could imagine and how she would like to enjoy me there, she continued that she loves the way I wiggle it when she massages and sucks me on her knees , kneeling in front of me, teasing the movement of my cock orally as she places her hands tightly over the mounds of my hind stretching them apart with just the suggestion of a touch with her small finger between, making little circling movements, me - never imagining at that time that she would want to go further as she did, and I was soon treated to the gentle tinkering of her finger easing inside me with the aid of that soothing cream she always uses on herself, the same cream she squirts into the palm of my hand when I caress her wonderfully firm breasts and delight in watching those nipples firm up as I tease them first with my thumbs and then, with her guidance, and with a very firm erectile which is Freddy; rubbing each nipple up in turn and then afterwards really enjoying the touch of her tongue and lips tease my p-hole.

She adores that, she adores everything we do and we do deliciously make the very best of each other.

She said blatantly she would so like to fuck me there, that it would be different and so very nice. "We shall see what Ann Summers can come up with" she said and now we were in the store, she'd bought the strap-on and some gorgeous red, blue and black tie-on thongs which she knew I would live her in, We have s much fun and I so love for her just to smothers me in them sometimes.

It is wonderful t be mastered by her as she often likes to do and when she sits on me, she operates in such a gorgeous way, she enjoying the magic moments as much as I am, tasting and suckering her through her thong and then soon, undoing the tie and suckling her raw, as she wiggles and moves above me, her beautiful ass showing me its very best and there I am licking her ass too with absolutely no inhibitions since she showed me that she loves me to do all those things.

But the most intimate thing of all is afterwards when we have thoroughly indulged in deep oral penetration the long and very slow and very stimulating deep French kiss when we can indulge in the tasting of our sexual adventures and smell the scent of sweet gratification, when afterwards we lay exhausted beside each other until we are ready for the next round.

But driving home after our shopping expedition I can tell that Francesca is so looking forward to trying her brand new toy on me, she wont stop chattering about it; "Of course you can use it on me" she said with that certain lusty gleam in her eyes.

"Do you really believe I need a strap-on?" I teased.

"Well, being the woman I am and the woman you like me to be, Peter darling I want to feel what you feel, I shall want to compare just how it feels inside me. Don't fret Baby it is nothing against Freddy and anyway, he hasn't fucked me that way - but maybe the feel of the vibrating strap-on penis will encourage me to feel the real thing there."

Francesca was always a new thrill every time we sunk into our exclusive love boat, when she raised my anchor and we hit the waves, first calm and then stormy, her fuck building with my every thrust, as the boat twisted and turned meeting each wave, her feet clasped around my neck as she helped me find the deepest passage into her channel and Freddy was well and truly harbored once again, the storm over and then the calm, until the next surge accumulated by the ever changing jet stream and soon again I would be streaming all the love I have into her deep and firm, until she yelled and screamed in ecstasy as we both reached our waterloo and were again sucked into the wonderful deep and sensual feel of our souls combine.

I knew it, the dinner had to wait. Like a child with a new toy so was Francesca and with her hand grasping mine and leading me up the wooden stairs to the bedroom I anticipated she would have her wicked way with me ...

"We shall need lots of this darling" Francesca advised taking some KY jelly from the locker drawer. Maybe I ought to try it on for size huh, would you like that? I think it is sizzling - that's how it makes me feel, how about you baby?"

When she was exited like the way she was I called her motor mouth because I could hardly get a word in. Not as though I need to anyway because she already was fitting it to her waist over her gorgeous red tie -on thong which I had enjoyed her wearing so often.

At first - in seeing her with a fully erect penis and balls - even though they were false, really it all seemed a little bizarre. I had to get used to the idea of her taking the male part I could see but it was fun watching her enjoy herself - handling the thing and everything, hearing her chuckles.

"I often wondered how it would feel to be a man having all this doubling between ones' legs" she whispered and when I settled to the idea I too was getting excited even although I was a trifle concerned about its size."

"It is no bigger than yours" Francesca laughed as she held it up against her tummy squeezing the rubber balls like she did.

"Yes, but for me, well nothing that size has been there you see."

"We'll soon fix that, bend over now or you will be getting the strap.!

She was getting into her masterful mode and that was for sure. I loved her to master me and have frequently been subject to her across the knee spanking if she decides I have misbehaved, and if she is in that kind of mood just to do the slightest thing wrong would be an excuse for her spanking. But it had become part and parcel of our relationship just the same as so many things we love to do with each other, combined with all the hugs and kissing too. She is always a sheer delight and we have wondrous times together like I could never, ever have envisaged before I met her.

And now, this wonderful new adventure: she said for me to keep my jeans on, that she wanted me in them, it fitted in entirely with the role play she had in mind. It felt good though that we both enjoyed pleasing each other and as she pressed her new toy against the curve of my hind I heard her moans of sheer delight and just knew this was going to be so wonderful.

Gradually she worked herself in varying motions over my jeans and I felt the energy build and felt I wanted this, more than ever I could have imagined. She slowly downed my jeans and I heard the excitement in her sighs as she also felt over my boxer shorts and then gradually downed them

She said she wanted me to lay on my left side and lift up my left leg, that way it would be better for her to enter me but she wanted to enjoy stimulating me with the vibrator motor turned on and it was a real joy and thrill to feel her exploring me, stretching me apart down there and gently pressing the rubber around my opening, until then she enjoyed kneading me and I felt the smoothness of her fingers slightly enter me as she rubbed in a good dribbling of KY jelly.

When I felt her warm kiss and the ardent movement of her hands caress my body all over I just knew that what she was about to do was going to be such a wonderful knew awakening for both if us, that we can share our love in so many way and enjoy all the adventurous explorations.

"Now baby, just relax and enjoy" she whispered after that so warm and deep French kiss which I wanted never to end.

I felt the first part enter me, stretching me there as it slithered gradually deeper inside and it felt good and warm and really soothing.

"You are so sweet baby, just help me in Huh, just move your hips from side to side a bit yeah?"

We both gradually got there, I didn't realize it was fully inside me until Francesca told me so, all the time she was asking me how it was, and I tilde her it was wonderful and more so because she was doing it. She even reached an orgasm which made it all the more wonderful and feeling it stretched deep inside me I was able to enjoy her hand masturbating me so delightfully and energetically. The fuck was perfect and we collapsed afterwards in our new found pleasure.

I discovered with Francesca that nothing between consenting lovers was unnatural, and her fuck led the way to me anal fucking her which was a sheer delight and which she loved so much.

For me and I know it is also for her, our love is complete forever and ever.


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