Dost ki behan ko chod dia

Hi iss readers i want to share my experience with you which is really true & which i never thought would happen to me.I'm a young guy having fair & athletic body, height 6"2. My name is Rinku, i live in a village about 30 km from Chandigarh.This story is about me & my friend Raghu's sister. She is is very beautiful girl with huge boobs,36-25-38,with a whitish complexion & innocent face. It occurred when i was in xi class & she was in final year of Our families were very close to each other as we were neighbors .I always wanted to do sex with her. But i never got such a chance to talk with her about sex or so. But one day when i came back from school i found my home was locked so i went to their house to see Raghu i came to know that our families had gone to chandigarh to attend some wedding but Alka (Raghu's sister) has not gone also she told me that i have to remain there till next after noon when our families will come back. I thought that it's my chance to do what i wanted. I already had a xxx movie with me in my bag. Now i just was wondering how to make her ready for seeing that movie .i started tv & started seeing a very sexy movie ,she was sitting very near to me .it was very much clear from her face she was getting hotter & hotter .Then she suddenly started rubbing her hands on her pussy .i was also getting hard in my pent. I understanding that it was the right time asked her,'' if she wanted to see xxx movie''she said no, but i clearly saw that in her eyes she was dying to see it.i said come on don't be shy & stood, started the movie in their DVD player.i came back &sat very near to her that our thighs were touching ,she didn't objected..she was getting aroused by the oral sex in the movie. When i thought that she was fully aroused, I started rubbing my hand on her thigh she moaned slowly. Then i started pressing her boobs she started moaning loudly. I was aroused by her moaning started pressing her boobs harder, then i took off her shirt MY GOD she was even not wearing any bra her apple sized perfectly round boobs with light brown nipples were in front of me. I couldn't control my self & started sucking & licking her boob . With my other hand i was rubbing her pussy. I could feel her wetness from her pyjama.Then hen i left her boobs & started kissing her on her lips my tongue was inside her mouth within no time. After kissing her for more than 5 minutes i started kissing & licking every single part of her body. Then i removed her pajama. She was wearing red colored panty , it was best moment of my life till now. My dream girl was just in red colored panty before me. I couldn’t control myself & trying lower her panty teared it. Now she was standing nude in front of me so I also removed my clothes very quickly. As this was first time experience for both of us we didn’t know about fucking or so. So for comfortable sex I asked her to go to bed lay down. I went behind her & as soon as she was on bed I started fingering her she was aroused very much by this. Then I got on top of her I tried to insert my 6 inch cock into her pussy with a jerk, her hole was hot , but she screamed out of pain just when prick of my cock was in so I decided enter her slowly. I escaped and started entering into her slowly .Then I started moving in & out slowly then increased my speed now she was also enjoying it & was moaning loudly ahhhhh,come onnn…,fuck me harder,etc . Her moans were arousing me & I was fucking her harder & harder with her every moan.Within 15 mins she reached climax 2 times, after some more fucking I also came inside her & fell over her. We laid there for ½ hour. It was nearly 6:30 in evening & I fucked her two times more till I was completely tired then I slept & she went to prepare dinner for us. She woke me up at 9:00 pm. Then we had dinner ,Now I was hungry for sex & took her to bed room & enjoyed my sex meal whole night.Then we slept &wake up at 11:00 am.We took Bath together where I again fucked her.We even now have sex whenever we get time. Any girls,bhabhi’s or aunties near chandigarh who want to have secret sex can contact me


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