My Sweet Manipuri Wife

My Sweet Manipuri Wife

Hi folks, In my last post, I told you all about my marriage to Sharon and how we had a wonderful first night fuck at Churachandpur.In this episode, I am going tell you all what happened once we reached our residence at Greater Kailash we left Churachandpur and took a flight out of Kolkata to Delhi. Sharon was wearing jeans and white top and was looking ravishing, her boobs looked stunning and her finely shaped buttocks invited everyone’s attention and I was feeling proud.

The flight was relatively light and we changed our seats and took seats at the back of the aircraft. Once in the air, we were served dinner and the cabin lights went to night mode and all passengers went off to sleep including the airhostesses. I took a blanket and covered ourselves. Sharon kissed me and said she wanted to sleep and put her head on my shoulder and I put my hand around her shoulder and started caressing her lovely silky hair. She looked at me and kissed me again. I planted my lips on hers and we were French kissing with our tongues locked.

My left hand reached for her boobs and slowly I started squeezing them which were firm. I continued squeezing her boobs and she was enjoying. I slipped my hand under her tops and bra and felt her breasts which sent a shiver through her. I was feeling horny now and started to knead her breasts, every time I pressed her boob, my cock was getting harder and harder. Suddenly the lights came on, indicating our landing into Delhi, I withdrew my hands and she adjusted her top.

My Sharon was looking so pretty and her Manipuri looks made her look like an angel. The experience in flight made her crave for my big cock which I knew. We reached our house, once inside I locked the doors and we flew into each others arms and embraced tightly. I quickly removed her top, unhooked her bra started sucking her firm tits and my both hands kneading her boobs. She let out a cry"oohhh Ritwik, squeeze me hard". I unzipped her jeans and pulled her panty down, I got naked and lifted her off the floor and started climbing up the stairs as our bedroom was in the first floor.

In my arms Sharon was looking like a cute baby as I had mentioned earlier she was just five feet tall and I, six footer. We reached our bedroom and I gently placed her on the queen sized bed and bolted the door. I turned around and saw her eagerly waiting for me. She was looking like a cute small little baby on the queen sized bed and for the first time I saw her body in the light. She had a stunningly beautiful body, not a hair and looked like as if she is made out of marble.

My cock was now throbbing in the air and she noticed it.I went near her, lifted her legs in the air and placed my lips on her clean shaven pussy, she cried out"ohhhh kiss my pussy Ritwik aahhhh kiss me. Like a man possessed I was kissing her pussy and each time my tongue licked her, she would scream"aaahhh ooohhh kiss me kiss me hard", she locked her slender smooth legs over my face and pushed her pussy on my mouth. I was now lapping up her pussy as if was ice cream and suddenly I heard her letting a cry oohhh and I felt her gushing on my face ,

Her love juices squishing out of her pussy onto my mouth. I caught her marble like butts and pressed my mouth hard on her pussy and started to lick her come, she was in heaven crying out aaahh. My cock was by now looked as if it’s made of stone, it was so hard. I turned Sharon on her stomach and parted her smooth, silk like buttocks with both hands and placed my lips on her arsehole. It sent quivers through her and she gasped. I started to lick her light brown colored arse the smell of which aroused me.

I was squeezing her smoothly rounded buttocks and kissed her arse. I turned her over to her back and took 69 positions as I wanted her to suck my cock. I started licking her pussy again and she was sucking my cock vigorously as if a calf milking cow. She started to lick my arse and I felt like a god and inserted a finger inside her arse she screamed aahhh Ritwik please oooohh I started to finger fuck her arse and she was in ecstasy now. She cried out"Ritwik please fuck me now, I can’t wait".

I got up and climbed on top of her, she spread her legs wide when the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips.I held her tightly and she clang to me like a baby, I felt as if sleeping on top of a baby. She held the nape of my neck with teeth in anticipation and the animal instinct in me woke up. I gave her a mighty thrust and half of my big cock was buried in her pink pussy and she cried out ooohh I thrust my dick with mighty force and three forth of my dick went inside.

All the while she was screaming"aaaaahhhh Ritwik fuck me, fuck me hard.I embraced her with all my might and gave her one more forceful thrust and my whole cock was buried deep inside her pinkish pussy she shouted "oohhhhh my gaaawd" and started to love bite me. I started thrusting her hard and felt her hot little tight pussy gripping my cock. My each thrust was becoming harder than the previous one and the room was filled with the noise we were making while fucking .

My belly flapping her belly and that noise made us both more horny and we were fucking as if the world is going to end tomorrow. Perspiration now started to wet our tightly held bodies and I was now pounding her pink pussy with all my might, she would cry"fuck me Ritwik fuck me hard" and my thrusts becoming hard and hard. With one more mighty thrust I could feel her uterus and I asked her"Sharon baby,do you want me to fuck your arse"?."oooohhhh yes" was her reply.

I withdrew my cock from her pink pussy and saw it was wet with her love juice. I applied lots of KY jelly on my dick and applied to arsehole too. Then I turned her onto her stomach and sat on her smooth round buttocks directing the tip of my huge dick to her arse and applied pressure to push it inside, she cried out"oohh!",I pushed my cock again and she cried"no,its paining riwik".I told her"Sharon darling,I told you on our first night, I will fuck your arse in Delhi". She said "yeah I remember but, it’s paining".

Not paying any heed, I pushed my cock again and the head went inside her lovely brown arsehole. She cried out"no please, stop it ,no" and she tried to force me out. I thought, it’s now or never and held her hands by wrists and pinned it to the bed and gave her a mighty thrust on her arse and buried my dick deep inside. She was now helpless and cried"oohhh. I placed myself on her back now and cupped her big boobs and started thrusting her arse with all my might.

Sharon forgot the pain and started enjoying my big cock in her arse. I asked her"you like it darling"she said"yes,fuck my arse the way you fucked my pussy, fuck me hardd fuck mine arse".I started deep thrusting her arse and was also kneading her big boobs and she would push her buttocks to meet my cock and I started pounding her from back, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her arse. Now I knew, I will shoot at anytime and said" Sharon,I am going to explode in your arse".

She said"ohh aaaahhh shoot it my darling husband, I want your come to fill my arse,oooohh".With one mighty heave, I pushed my dick deep inside her arse and released my love juices,it shot out like a can on,I could feel my own hot come when they came out of the gap between my cock and her arse. We lay still and after some time I removed my cock from her arse and told her to suck me off.

She gleefully took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean; I also bent down and licked her pussy and her arse clean. We embraced each other tightly and kissed. She said"Ritwik,my dear hubby,I want to get fucked everyday like this by you, will you"?.Yes Sharon, my dear I will everyday" and went on my knees and started licking her pink pussy.


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