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My True Experience With A Lady

to all the readers of sexstoires of i am to a reader of this ,well coming to the story iam sandeep 27 handsome,male from delhi this incident happned to me ,one day
i had gone to GK market for shopping with my faimly mom father ,we were at a shop buying
clothes ,there was this lady a female of 36 yrs with a sexy figure 36b 28 40 wearing a red churidar suit with a deep cut back,she was fair and sexy ,she constantly kept staring at me
while i was shoping and even as she went out she looked bck at me i to got intersted and
just stared her and fallowed her out of shop she kept looking as she waswith a freind she went to her car ,as she gotinside she threw a piece of paper on floor i was standing at a distance noticing this as she drived i went and picked tht paper ,wow i was surrised she had given me her cell no and ask me to contact ,and a compliment written on it ,i too got excited as she was a sexy lady ,so i called her as per her wish she was happy and told me sheliked me , i said what you want fromme shw said u caome to my house i wil tell you so it was fixed
in the evening at 8:00 pm i reached her house , as i was going for first time i carried a rose for her, i ranged the bell and she opened the door she was looking sexy in a rap roan with half sleeved t-shirton top ,she kissed me as i gave her rose she smiled and siad iwaslooking handsome thete was no one at her house , i asked her you stay alone she said no she is married but her hubby is work alcholic and is on tours,her sonis in doon schoolin bording
we statred talking abt intersts and all tht she offered me some snacks and drinks.i asked her
why she gave me her no, she siad   i resemebeld her fantasy man she was carried on by me
and suddently she came close to me and said  she wants me,she started kissing me on my lips
and we smooched each other and kissed each other ,i as told her i wanna have a bath with you we went to bath room undressed each other i was all hard on seeing her smooth sexy body with pink nipples and big boobs and clean cunt i haave lot of hairon my chest shec soiad she loves it we started taking bath i was all ahrd i make her siton a bath tub and satrted kssisng her toes and feet as i moved upward kissing her legs and thighs under the shower
i moveupwards kised her navel she moaned as i pressed her her one boob and sucked gently her onther nippleshe maoned i kiswed her then i kissed her bck i bent down and put her legs on my shoulder and start with her clit it was clean shved pussy i was eatin it like a dog eating
a flesh i licked her jiuces as she pushed my head deeper inside and maoning in pleasure
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh i liked it sandeepp plz dont stop she keptmaoning as my mouth was filled with her cunt juices she reached orgams and licked her juice,now she applied a jellon my body and she reached my man hood she statrted taking it in her mouth in and out i was maoning she licked it sucked my thick pink meat and kept sucking till i loaded all my cum in her mouth i enjoyed it we finished bath and  we rapped our selves in a single towel and came out she made melie on bed and started to caress my chestnipples taking them in her mouth
she made my cock hard again and then cameon top and satrted to fuck me from top as she maoned in pleasures ,i took  it out then we got in 69 postion i lift her hipps with my hands under her hipps and started licking her as she sucked my cum and again i shootedin her mouth
she cvam in me .after tht we had some beer again ,after half an hour i made her lie down on bed explored her each naked part her lips /eyes arms ,necks bck thighs legs kept exploring herbody for 15 mins she was maoning in deep breathsohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i loveee
itttttttttttt sandtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy uc amke feel sooooooo good then i fingered her wet pussy
forv 5 minns i made her sit in a doggy style and fucked her really well oggg her ass was sexy shaped i enjoyed it enneensly i fucked in same style 2 times she reached onther orgasm
after tht i fucked her one more time till both of us were exhausted , she told me as i was about leave 11;30 pm that she never had seen such a thick cock .never had such a lovley sex for last so many years i too  told her she has a sexy body and is a horny female  we still do it every saturday or when her hubby is not around


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