Naked in the bathroom

The drizzling rain we’d had the other day tuned into a real downpour. Heavy water streams were noisy in the fall pipes, they muffles the usual sounds of a busy night city.
As usual Kevin stayed at work until late. Now returning to his comfortable bachelor apartment he had to move slower than he was used to. The wipers weren’t able to cope with the rain. Turning into his green quiet street he was horrified to see a woman right in front of his hood. Kevin used to be a racing driver that’s why he reacted immediately and directed his car to the curb. The squeak made the woman turn round. Rushing out from the car Kevin saw eyes with no sense in them; the woman was obviously under drugs or alcohol effect. Her make up mixed up with raindrops and wet hair lying randomly didn’t make her more beautiful. Kevin noticed earrings with diamonds in her ears.
- Will you give me a lift? – The woman addressed him a bit shaking in her knees.
- I guess you better smarten yourself, – Kevin replied politely, – I live nearby. You can dry yourself and then call a cab. If you stay here you’ll probably be arrested by the police.
The woman looked indifferent. She said:
- Do whatever you want.
Suddenly she felt weak and sat on the edge of the sidewalk. Kevin was sporty enough to carry her to his car and then his apartment.
It was warm inside and the woman came to herself a bit. She began trembling and Kevin poured her a glass of cognac, she knocked it back at once. Then the lady took a mirror out of her bag and examined her face thoroughly.
- I look awful! – She exclaimed. – I hope you have a bathroom?
- Yes, sure! And I can offer you a bathrobe while your clothes are getting dried.
Kevin showed her where the bathroom was and returned to the living-room.
“I don’t even know what her name is,” he thought pouring cognac into his glass.
Listening to the water sound in the bathroom Kevin switched the toaster and made two cups of strong coffee.
“Well, it’s time to call a cab,” he was resisting himself.
To make the time pass faster he turned on the TV. Some time later he realized it was more than half an hour since the woman had left for the bathroom.
“It’s too long for washing her tits and ass…” Kevin thought and this idea made him pretty aroused.
He came up to the bathroom door and knocked. No answer. Kevin opened the door quietly. The woman was reclining on the floor, leaning against the wall. Warm shower was pouring on her big breasts and legs a bit moved apart and her hand was covering the soapy pussy.
Kevin approached to her carefully. His night guest was fast asleep. He tried to wake her up tactfully but soon understood that was quite impossible. Then he touched her nice breast hesitatingly. The woman didn’t move. It made him bolder and he pinched her nipples. She didn’t move either but the nipples became hard.
“Sympathetic nervous system,” Kevin thought.
He was very bold now, took a rough sponge and began washing her working like a maniac. He was washing the dirty stains off her legs and belly. But all this time he was glancing at a dark triangle between her legs. He wasn’t confident enough to touch it but it was time to finish the washing and his hand went into her silky pubic hair to feel the warmth of the vulva lips.
Kevin stole a glance at the woman’s face to make sure she didn’t react to his actions. Then Kevin took a shower into his hands and directed a warm water flow into her half-opened hole. His fingers soon followed the water. The clit quivering in the warm spurt began vibrating in his fingers. It was changing the shape in full view of the man.
Kevin looked at the sleeping woman’s face once again and took her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Her soft body sagged and warm buttocks pressed pleasantly on his shaking phallus. He put her on the fluffy carpet and realized he had a full access to her body. He examined her pussy with the help of a table lamp and was admired by the picture of it. Being turned on a lot he was looking at this beautiful body, then he stopped restraining himself and entered his helpless guest. He started frictions shuddering from each movement of the lady who was under him. He was ready to stop at any moment. However, his cock pushed deeper and deeper and her face just slightly turned pink. Her lips didn’t utter even a sound. It convinced Kevin that his lustful desires would never stop.
He took his dick out of her, squatted and began passing his stiff penis over her face and lips enjoying that. Then he went a bit down, squeezed her tits and put his hard knob between them. He was experiencing the languor. His prick was easily moving here as it had been in the woman’s cunt for a while. The situation was so unusual that Kevin soon climaxed again. He fell on his side, then found a towel and wiped everything from her bosom.
She had only one hole untouched. To realize his dream Kevin had to turn the guest on her belly. A few minutes he spent to prepare her anus. Kevin was surprised by the fact his erection was so hard and long. When everything was ready he penetrated her shithole very easily as her body was relaxed, he could move without efforts. The woman was just sighing sometimes.
Kevin was so happy that he invited his neighbor to try this opportunity. Very unexpectedly two more men came with the neighbor. They were tipsy and of course couldn’t refuse such an invitation.
- What a crazy idea have you got now, man? – The neighbor asked; he got used to Kevin’s unusual ideas.
- A very unusual “meal” for all of you, guys! – Kevin grinned. – I think you won’t get bored with her.
The men entered the bedroom. Kevin decided not to look at what they were doing. He went to the kitchen and got busy with a bottle of cognac. However, the situation was very exciting and occasionally he took a glance at what was happening in the bedroom. He was amazed by the things the men were doing with the sleeping woman. At first they asked Kevin if they could use his armchair, then they needed strips, later they brought a camera and organized a real photo session. Each of them wanted to be the main movie character. Kevin could hear the men laughing lustfully, from time to time he looked into the bedroom to see the obscene pictures and be astonished by his guests’ imagination. One of them even wanted to push a camera inside the woman’s twat.
- I hope to get a full set of slides and photos, – Kevin told to his exhausted but satisfied guests leaving his apartment in the morning.
When he returned to the bedroom he noticed his friends had cleared up the mess, cleaned the woman and even put a bathrobe on her. Kevin had only to cover her with a blanket and leave a nice note including the information where to put the keys, take coffee, sandwiches and money for the taxi.
Returning home in the evening Kevin was pleasantly surprised. The woman washed dirty clothes and dishes, cooked dinner. Moreover, he found a bouquet of flowers on the table with a note in it:
“Dear owner of the apartment! The occasions of gentleman’s attitude to a hopeless woman are so rare now. I really felt like home here. It’s a pity I hadn’t met you when I was single. Your Ruth.”
Kevin felt confused, rumpled the note and then looking into the window burst out laughing.


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