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The Babaysitter

Alissa has been babysitting for the Ross family for about a year. She is a senior in college, and babysits to earn extra money for books and other things she needed.

She is a very attractive 23 year old, with sexy blue eyes and short blonde hair. Mrs. Ross, and her husband Tom had called Alissa to babysit for them Saturday night.

She told Alissa she could use the guest bedroom, because they probably wouldn't be home until the wee hours of the morning. Alissa told her,

"No problem...have fun."

At around eleven Alissa grew tired of studying and watching TV. Rather than sit up and do nothing Alissa decided it was time to go up to bed. Unfortunately her mind was still active from studying, and she couldn't get to sleep no matter how hard she tried.

After tossing and turning for almost an hour, Alissa decided that maybe a little self pleasure would help her relax. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath as she started caressing her breasts concentrating on how good it felt.

She was soon running her fingers over her soft, fleshy mounds, and teasing them with light feathery touches. She has extremely sensitive nipples, and she loves the way it feels when she teases them. She likes strumming her nipples with her finger tips, and gently flicking them.

Alissa sighed as her arousal began to grow, and it wasn't very long until she was having what she liked to call a nipple gasm.

Still not feeling sleepy Alissa parted her legs, and began running her hands up and down her soft inner thighs.

It felt so good as her fingers moved along her creamy thighs as she continued pleasuring herself. She was becoming more and more aroused moved her hand down between her legs, and moving her hand down her silk panties.

She started teasing her swollen lips, and clit through the thin material of her panties, sending erotic surges coursing through her sexy young body.

Her panties were soon soaked with her juices as she continued making slow, circular motions over her mound and squeezing it gently.

The more she teased her pussy the more aroused she became.

Alissa was in her own little world of sexual bliss which was probably why she didn't hear the Ross' when they arrived home early.

They had come home much earlier than expected because the party had turned out to be pretty boring. Before looking in on Alissa and the baby, Nicole decided to take a shower to relax.

Once she was done she told her husband Tom that she was going to peek in on the baby, and see if Alissa was asleep yet.

Seeing that the baby was sound asleep, Nicole went to check in on Alissa to see if she was asleep as well.

She turned the door knob carefully so as not to wake Alissa in case she was sleeping, and peeked into the room. She wasn't expecting the sight that greeted her when she saw Alissa with her legs spread wide and her panties pulled aside.

Oblivious to Nicole's presence Alissa continued working her fingers deep inside her pussy as Nicole stood in the doorway watching her. She wanted to leave, yet the sight of Alissa masturbating was so captivating.

Alissa looked so beautiful lying there with her fingers deep inside her pussy, that Nicole found it impossible to turn away. Nicole felt her own arousal beginning to grow as she looked on.

As she stood in the doorway Nicole placed her hand on her breast, and began to move her fingers over her nipples feeling them starting to stiffen and tingle.

Nicole's nipples were soon as hard as Alissa's as she rolled them between her fingers, all while watching Alissa's arousal continuing to increase.

Suddenly Alissa's body stiffened as she raised her hips up off the bed, while turning her head from side to side. Her moaning increased an orgasm washed over her.

Once her orgasm had subsided, and she began to relax Alissa opened her eyes to find Nicole standing in the doorway watching her.

"Oh Mrs. Ross...I'm so sorry....I couldn't sleep and well...I."

Nicole smiled,

"'s alright Hon, and call me Nicole...please. I apologize for watching you, but you looked so beautiful lying there I couldn't help myself. I hope you don't mind?"

"No, not at all."

"Good. I have to admit that you have really turned me on seeing you pleasuring yourself like that. I guess I'd better go and let you get some sleep."

"No. What I mean is, do you have to?"

"No, I suppose not?"

Nicole walked into the room closing the door behind her, and sat next to Alissa on the bed.

"So, you can't get to sleep?"

"No my mind was still going from all the studying I'd been doing, and so I thought masturbating would help."

"Well, did it?"

"Well sort of, but now I'm to aroused to go to sleep."

"I know what you mean."

The conversation seemed to wane as Nicole, and Alissa were experiencing one of those awkward moments of silence. Nicole smiled and said,

"You have such beautiful skin Alissa. It must be so soft and silky. I love your breasts too, and your hard nipples. They look like little rose buds. Are they as sensitive as they look?"

"Oh yes....very!"

"Mmmm, mine too."

"You are really beautiful too Mrs.....I mean Nicole."

"Thank you Sweetie."

"Your breasts are so much larger than mine."

Nicole looked at Alissa saying,

"You know it's alright if you want to keep masturbating while we talk. I don't mind if you don't."

Alissa smiled and pulled off her panties, about to toss them aside when Nicole asked if she could have them. Alissa handed Nicole her panties, and then started rubbing her pussy.

While Nicole looked on, Alissa slipped her middle finger between her wet lips. While Nicole watched she held Alissa's panties to her nose taking in her erotic aroma.

The moment was interrupted when Tom tapped softly on the bedroom door asking if everything was alright.

"Yes Dear....Alissa and I are talking. I'll be with you a little while."

Nicole waited while Tom walked back down the hall.

"Go ahead Hon, he'll be out the second his head hits the pillow. He's had a little to much to drink at the party."

Alissa and Nicole giggled as Alissa started fingering herself again. Nicole reached down, and opened the bottom drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. She pulled out a life like replica of a male cock lubing it with KY.

"Here Hon try this, and see how you like it. It's one of my favorites."


"Sure, this is the room I use when I want some private time to myself."

"Thank you Nicole."

Alissa took the dildo and started running it along her wet lips. She smiled as she moved the dildo over her pussy lips while Nicole watched her. After a few minutes Alissa eased the head of the dildo between her lips, slididng it into her pussy.

Once the dildo was inside her hot little pussy, she started fucking herself with it. She looked over at Nicole watching her, and smiling as she said,

"Oh my, this is wonderful."

"Good, I'm glad you like it."

Nicole watched as Alissa continued pleasuring herself, working the dildo around in her pussy and looking over at Nicole to see her as if she were looking for Nicole's approval.

The sexual tension in the room was growing along with their passion, as both Nicole and Alissa knew something was going to happen between them.

With her heart pounding in her chest, Alissa reached over with her free hand, and tugged gently at Nicole's sheer robe. Her robe opened exposing her breasts to Alissa's view.

Nicole smiled at the look of lust in Alissa eyes. She felt so wicked allowing Alissa to look at her breasts, and yet she knew they both wanted one another.

Nicole stood up and slowly opening her robe completely, allowing Alissa to see her naked body. She let the robe fall to the floor, and stood in front of Alissa totally naked.

Not saying a word Nicole started caressing her breasts and nipples as Alissa watched, and worked the dildo deeper into her pussy.

Nicole moved closer to the bed placing her knee on the edge while reaching down, and started running her fingers over Alissa's nipples.

Alissa closed her eyes and started cumming from Nicole's touch, her body shuddering as she came. Once she had finished cumming, Alissa looked up at Nicole's smiling face saying,

"Your pussy is so beautiful Nicole. I bet it feels as soft as velvet."

"Why don't you find out?"

Holding the dildo in her hand and continuing to work it in her pussy, Alissa reached up with her fingers trembling slightly as she ran her fingers over Nicole's pussy.

"Oh Nicole your pussy is so soft."

Alissa moved her fingers over Nicole's pussy, exploring and touching her as Nicole closed her eyes and cooed softly. Alissa whispered,

"Oh my...your pussy is so wet."

"It's all your fault," Nicole whispered back.

Alissa then started exploring Nicole's pussy, running her fingers over her swollen lips while sliding her middle finger between Nicole's folds and then into her pussy.

Alissa began exploring Nicole's pussy as Nicole parted her legs allowing Alissa better access. Alissa continued exploring Nicole's pussy as Nicole closed her eyes and concentrated on Alissa touch.

After a few minutes Alissa pulled her hand away for a moment, her fingers covered with Nicole's juices. Alissa put her fingers to her lips, and then into her mouth tasting Nicole's sweet juices.

Smiling, she reached up again sliding her fingers back into Nicole's pussy as Nicole gasped. Nicole's pussy grasped Alissa's fingers as she worked them around inside Nicole. Nicole smiled whispering,

"Mmmmm, yes, oh yes....that feels so nice Alissa."

Nicole reached down caressing Alissa's cheek with the back of her fingers while Alissa started fucking herself with the dildo even harder.

Alissa worked both fingers deep into Nicole's pussy as Nicole moved toward an orgasm while Alissa neared yet another one herself.

With Alissa working her pussy with her fingers, and moving her thumb over her clit, Nicole grabbed the headboard to balance herself as a strong orgasm swept over her body.

No sooner had Nicole started cumming, than Alissa was overcome with yet another orgasm herself. Once her orgam had subsided Nicole grabbed Alissa's wrist, raising Alissa's hand to her face.

Nicole took in her own aroma that coverd Alissa's fingers, and then began licking them tasting her own juices. Once she had finished Nicole smiled down at Alissa asking,

"Have you ever made love to another woman before Alissa? Have you ever caressed another womans breasts, or tasted her pussy?"

"In my fantasies I have, but only in my fantasies. I've kissed a girl before, and we felt each other up but that's been it. Nothing like what you've described."

"Well there's always a first time Sweetie. Would you like to make love to me? I'm sure it will come naturally to you."

Alissa smiled and nodded her head indicating she would. Not giving her a chance to change her mind Nicole moved onto the bed. As Alissa laid there in anticipation of what was to come, Nicole straddled Alissa's face.

Alissa looked up at Nicole's beautiful pussy wanting more than anything to please her. Nicole gasped when she felt Alissa's tongue touch her pussy, and then start moving over her wet lips.

Just as she had thought, Alissa was a natural. She moved her tongue over Nicole's pussy, exploring every nook and cranny of Nicole's hot sex.

Nicole started mewing softly as Alissa stopped masturbating with the dildo for the time being, and placed her hands on Nicole's hips pulling her even closer.

She parted Nicole's folds with her tongue, tasting Nicole's juices as the ran down her tongue, and onto her face and chin. Alissa found she loved the taste of a woman, but then she knew she would.

She loved the taste of her own pussy so why not someone else.

Alissa slid her tongue deep into Nicole's pussy, and began tongue fucking her as she listened to Nicole's moans grow louder.

After a while Nicole laid down next to Alissa where the two shared a hot, passionate kiss. As their kisses grew more and more passionate, Nicole began making her way down Alissa's neck to her breasts where she began sucking Alissa's sensitive nipples.

Alissa moaned as Nicole alternated between licking and sucking her nipples. After satisfying her lust for Alissa's nipples, Nicole kissed her way down to Alissa's pussy.

She started out running her tongue around Alissa's labia, teasing her and causing her to gasp from the exquisite pleasure of Nicole's tongue teasing her.

The more Nicole teased Alissa, the more aroused she became, as she begged Nicole to suck her pussy. It wasn't long before Nicole gave in and started running her tongue over Alissa's pussy, kissing, licking and exploring her as Alissa gasp loudly.

Alissa had never had a woman like Nicole make love to her like this, let along go down on her and satisfy her orally. It was all she could do to keep from screaming as Nicole parted her folds, and began running her tongue up and down her creamy slit.

She squealed as Nicole started lapping up Alissa's juices as the flowed down onto her tongue. After taking Alissa to the edge, Nicole started tongue fucking her, and then replaced her tongue with her fingers while she took Alissa's clit into her mouth.

Alissa was soon gyrating her hips, and shoving them into Nicole's face as Nicole took her places she'd never been before. While she continued sucking Alissa's clit, and fingering her pussy, Nicole eased her little finger into Alissa's asshole making her squeal out again.

Finally Alissa couldn't take it any longer, and was cumming one more time, thrusting her hips against Nicole's tongue as her body quaked from the powerful orgasm that consumed her. After she'd stopped cumming Alissa whispered to Nicole,

"I want to make love to you now Nicole?"

Nicole smiled,

"Of course Dear."

The two sat up with Alissa staring at Nicole's beautiful body. She reached up, and started caressing Nicole's breasts while Nicole kissed her, and reassured her telling her she had a beautiful touch.

Encouraged by Nicole's words of praise, Alissa began licking and sucking Nicole's nipples. Once again Nicole could see that Alissa was a natural when it came to making love to a woman.

Alissa lovingly licked and sucked Nicole's nipples as she continued caressing Nicole's breasts. It was as if Alissa was insatiable, and unable to get enough of Nicole's breasts.

It wasn't long before Alissa had Nicole moaning from her sweet kisses and talented tongue. Alissa loved sucking Nicole's nipples, but she wanted to taste her pussy as well.

She started kissing her way down Nicole's stomach toward her pussy, smiling when she felt Nicole's soft pussy hair against her cheek. She paused for a moment as she took in Nicole's aroused scent.

Then as if she had been making love to Nicole for years, Alissa moved down between Nicole's legs, and began running her tongue up and down Nicole's wet lips. The scent, and taste of a woman was even better than Alissa had ever imagined.

Like Nicole had done to her, Alissa tried teasing her by moving her tongue all around Nicole's pussy, but not touching her labia. Nicole was cooing and moaning as Alissa resisted the temptation to just dive in.

Finally Alissa was unable to resist the desire to taste a woman for the first time. She moved her tongue over her pussy, and parted Nicole's folds with her tongue.

She loved hearing Nicole's moans of pleasure as she moved her tongue up and down Nicole's creamy slit, lapping up her juices as they spilled onto her tongue. She loved the taste of Nicole's sex, but then she knew she would.

Soon Alissa was moving her tongue over Nicole's pussy, exploring and penetrating her pussy as Nicole had done to her. She began tongue fucking Nicole, and listening to Nicole's moans of pleasure.

Alissa eventually move her tongue from inside Nicole's pussy replacing it with her fingers, as she started licking and sucking Nicole's clit. She loved hearing Nicole's moans of passion as she continued sucking her clit, and fingering her pussy, all of which turned Alissa on as well.

While she sucked Nicole's clit, she worked her fingers deep in Nicole's pussy in an attempt to duplicate what Nicole had done to her. Nicole's moans and squeals of passion told Alissa she was doing just fine.

Alissa also eased her finger between Nicole's cheeks, penetrating her ass with her little finger. It wasn't long before Nicole started cumming, her body shaking from a strong orgasm.

Once she had calmed down Nicole looked toward the door to see her husband Tom standing in just inside the room. His hard cock was in his hand, and he was slowly stroking himself and smiling.

"I guess you weren't asleep after all."

"How could I sleep with the smell of all this pussy wafting through the house? Can I join in or is this just a private party?"

"I don't know...what do you say Alissa? Do you mind if Tom joins us? He has a nice big cock, and I think his cock will fill your pussy quite nicely, but it's up to you."

"Mmmmm, I guess so. I do like cocks even though I think I like women more. I'd love to see how a "real" man makes love to a woman. The boys my age are so clumsy and in such a hurry."

Nicole looked over at her husband saying,

"Well Tom, there's you answer."

"Alissa, why don't you suck Tom's cock first. That's something a woman should always be good at, and in the meantime I want to taste your pussy again."

Alissa took Tom's cock in her hand as Nicole maneuvered herself between Alissa's legs one more time. She had soft a patch of blonde pussy fur that felt so soft as it brushed Nicole's cheek.

Tom moved in closer as Alissa began to kiss his cock, and run her tongue over the thick head. She noticed a clear drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. She licked it off saying,

"Mmmm, that tastes different than I'd expected."

Nicole continued licking Alissa's pussy while Alissa ran her tongue up, and down Tom's thick shaft listening to his moans of pleasure. It was hard to concentrate on sucking Tom's cock with Nicole licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

After several minutes Nicole decided she wanted to see how Alissa was doing, so she moved from between Alissa's legs, and took a seat on the edge of the bed. She noticed right away that Alissa seemed to have a natural talent for sucking cock as well as eating pussy.

Nicole watched as Alissa took her husbands cock down her throat, and began toying with his balls. As Alissa sucked his cock Tom moaned, and held onto the headboard with his right hand to balance himself. Nicole looked up at her husband saying,

"You better fuck her Tom before you lose your load down her throat."

Tom nodded as he reluctantly backed away, and asked Alissa if she had any preferences.

"I'm not really sure."

Nicole suggest that Tom lay down, and that way she could sit on his face while Alissa sat on his cock. Alissa maneuvered around, lowering herself onto Tom's big cock as Nicole held it still for her.

Nicole watched as Tom's cock slowly disappeared into Alissa's pussy inch by inch until he was all the way in. Nicole looked at Alissa asking.

"Does it feel good having a nice, big cock filling your tight little pussy?"

"Yes....I just need to get used to his size."

"Of course. Take your time, and when you're ready you can start. Take it easy at first, and as you get used to his size you can pick up the pace. Now go ahead and start humping Tom's cock while I sit on his face."

It didn't take long for Alissa to get used to having Tom inside her as she slowly started humping his cock. She loved the feeling of his cock inside her, and was soon picking up the pace.

In the meantime Nicole had maneuvered herself around, and was now straddling her husbands face while lowering her pussy down onto his waiting tongue.


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