The Rain Effect

The Rain Effect

Hi readers,and thanks to this lovely site for giving as such a good platform to write and read the pleasure of the forbidden fruit openly,to enjoy every ones wild sexual experience. I am from Chennai doing my own business,my name is rahuldev( am a very active person,with5'11 height,fair and cool person.I am found of sex and its pleasure,i don't see it as a time pass

But always enjoy it with great love for it.I always have sex as how my partner would like to enjoy,would do anything to make them have the max pleasure as the more they enjoy,the more they would ask for it. Coming to the experience i had due to the rain,as you all know if it rains in Chennai it would rain badly leaving lot of water logging,bad roads and bring normalcy to halt.I had finished one of my business in kelampakkam

And returning on my bike(pulsar which has a sloppy seat)and it started raining heavily.This road has less traffic as it has got only few villages and some factories only on this road and its about 10km before it connects to the highway. Driving for a few km,i was nearing a bus stop and saw a lonely female standing there got fully wet in the rain heavily and waving the hand for a lift.As i neared her saw her fully wet,she was wearing a light violet colour saree which was sticking to her body completely,it showed her figure and color very clearly.

She was nice fair with good built body,nice good big boobs and a thight ass,she said she was waiting for a bus or a share auto for very long as she had missed her company bus due to finish some pending work in office.So please can you drop me on the high way,which is 7km from there so a long distance even to walk.She sat behind me keeping a distance,but as the roads where bad and a sloppy seat she neared me.As the roads where bad and heavy rains i was driving slowly,after a few minutes i felt her shivering heavily.

I stopped my bike on a isolated place,this gave a fear in her thinking why i stopped.I removed my raincoat and gave her telling wear this it would keep you warm,i saw a big relief in her eyes after she knew why i stopped.She took the raincoat and worn it she tried to zip it but couldn't do it,i helped her in putting the zip while i put the zip holding by my thumb as it went up touching her navel and nice fleshy belly i felt a immense heat going in my body,as i moved up running between her cleavage of her big boobs i got hot touching her parts.

Till then i didn't have an bad feelings or desire only social commitment of helping a lady,but that feel and heat gave me a desire to enjoy with her.After few minuets i started feeling cold and to shiver,seeing this she came close to me and put her arm around my waist to make me hot and comfortable.I thought just by holding or brushing hands on her body gives so much heat then by having har how hot would her body be,

So i thought i would friend her first then try to have her.I started talking to her,asked her where see leaves so if it is on my way i would drop her home.She first hesitated then she told me,i said very good its on my way only as i stay just few stops away on the same way(though it was not my way i didn't want to lose her)

We reached her house,it was a small individual house.She told me to come in and have a coffee so it would be better to ride and also would remove the raincoat and give,i thanked my luck for this and went in,she removed the keys from her bag to open the door.I asked her why no one is there in the house,she said only she and her husband leaves and he gone to duty working in airport.We entered in,she removed the raincoat my eyes got stuck seeing her nicely built figure with toss big melons and sexy thighs ass.

She saw me starring at her when she gave the raincoat,and went away to make coffee.She bought the coffee and sat with me to have hers in those wet clothes sticking to her sexy figure.We talked and exchanged some of our personnel details.As i was about to leave the current went off,she said please can you wait as i am afraid of darkness when alone i said fine.She shining in that wet body i was thinking of how to go close to her.

She stood up and went to open the windows,then all of a sudden there was one huge lightning and a loud thunder sound,she got afraid of that and came running to me.She just hold me tightly in fear,and the thunder strike again she got so afraid of it that she nearly tore my shirt holding it so tightly.Seeing this as a chance i also embarrassed her tightly and started to run my hand on her back to feel the heat in her body.She became so tensed that she lost her control and started to feel the heat from my body,as we were feeling each other so immensely it resulted in great heat exchange in our body.

Our cheeks started rubbing we started to feel the hot breath of each other,we changed our cheeks side from left to right to left and so on till we got hot.On that action our wet lips just brushed each other and giving rise to our temptation resulting a very stiff hard on rubbing on her navel which she was feeling it by rubbing her tummy our it and putting her hands in my shirt.I started to feel her whole back tightly and moved my hands to her sexy broad shoulders to remove her sari pin,the wet pallu of her sari just slipped between us and making us more close this brought our lips closer.

As they came close we started just chewing them slowly the upper lips then the lower once just tasting those sweet honey like lips and started our pace to a more vigorous smooching.This gave us so much excitement that our hands moved to our sexual parts,i just pressed her big boobs pure her blouse hard and gave her a nice wild pinch on her erect hard nipples,in excitement she just lifted her legs and started rubbing on my legs and unbuttoning my shirt and gave a hard bite on my nipples.

We started to undress each other and met our naked bodies meet,she became very hot she just pulled me to her bedroom and threw herself on it.I went near her and started to feel her hot body by my hands and lips,she said bite me all over i started doing that biting all over her sexy thighs in side out side on her navel her fleshy tummy and took her erect nipples between my teeth,she moaned loudly in pain aahhh.. i love this,then she hold her big boobs tightly and told me to place my cock in between her boobs as i did this she became mad and started sucking my cock.

We had a very wild time i did all she wanted to enjoy in that game of sex.After it got over we rested for a while,then she told me that she had enjoyed it a lot and it is one of the special moment for me,then she told me that please don't call or come again as she is married and don't want to fall in any type of relationship.I promised her and never disturbed her ever again.So any females who want to have this secret pleasure without any disturbance to their personal life contact me on

I hope you all liked the story by just imagining as you are enjoying it,waiting for your lovely comments.And ladies for your secret desires and your fantasy that you want to enjoy on bed and be the total master on it.


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